About Skip West

Skip West | West Financial Group | The Villages, FL

Growing up, Skip’s father instilled a valuable lesson in his son: Always do more for others than what they do for you, no matter what it takes. This message has stuck with Skip throughout his life and has driven him to achieve significant goals throughout his life.

While attending the University of Arkansas on a golf scholarship, Skip pursued an industrial engineering degree. Taking 22 credit hours a semester, Skip was able to graduate early with magna cum laude honors and with a job lined up straight out of school. After school, Skip packed up and began his career at Trane, a heating and air conditioning company, where he led the comfort division. However, after being told he would have to lay off 25 percent of his staff, Skip decided corporate America wasn’t the place for him and moved to Florida to start his own solar heating pool business with $5,000 in his pocket.

Having grown the company's net worth to $40 million in 20 years, Skip left the pool business in 2003 and opened West Financial Group. "At some point in life, you have to decide when you're going to take control of your life and make sure it's aligned with what you had envisioned for yourself. My career changes have helped me get to the life I envisioned for myself, and I am confident my work at West Financial Group allows my clients to feel the same. Everyone deserves to live their dreams, but sometimes you need help, and that's what I'm here to do," said Skip.

Skip’s friendly personality and commitment to getting to know his clients on a personal level allow him to better help them find just the right products for their retirement goals and risk tolerances. "The first step in understanding your clients' financial situations is understanding their situations; every client I have, I know personally. I take great pride in taking the time to understand what 's important to them and because of this, am better able to tailor their unique insurance portfolios," said Skip.

Skip’s father’s words ring especially true at West Financial Group, as Skip strives to always exceed his clients’ expectations and give back to them more than they’ve given him, even if it means coming in early or staying late. He does his best to reach excellence and always do what’s in his clients’ best interests.

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