What Trade War With China Means For Retirement.

One of the hottest topics in politics right now is the possibility of a trade war between the U.S. and China. What Trade War With China Means For Retirement.As a nation, Americans know that this is not a positive thing, but most don't understand how it will personally affect them. One of the main things caught in the crossfires of a potential trade war is the status of many American's 401K which is leaving many retirees and likely retirees wondering what's this going to mean for their retirement.

The stock market has seen some better times, and though they've seen much worse in history, it's not looking promising for those looking forward to retirement. U.S. stocks have been down significantly (around $1.3 trillion in value) since President Trump announced a threat to impose a 10% tariff on an additional $300 billion in Chinese import (Gandel; CBS News). With this tariff imposed, it's stopping overseas sales which many companies rely on to make a substantial profit.

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It's a bad idea to depend on Social Security as a retirement plan.

Designed as a security net for seniors, Social Security does not work alone as a retirement plan. Don't depend on Social Security as your retirement plan. If you've decided to rely solely on Social Security benefits in your elderly years, you're most certainly bound to find yourself in dire financial straits.

The average monthly benefit payment from Social Security is currently $1404. Some seniors would receive a more substantial benefit if they paid more into the system, while others receive much less. Social Security alone puts nearly all seniors who depend on it solely, very close to the individual poverty level.

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What to expect during peak hurricane season in The Villages community.

By: Laurel Nendza

Florida is known for beautiful white sand beaches, Disney World, and a laid back lifestyle. What to expect during hurricane season in The Villages, Florida. But unfortunately, Florida has a scary side that shows itself every couple of years. Hurricanes in Florida can create costly damage and threaten lives up and down the Sunshine State.

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The SECURE ACT Encourages Annuities.

The political world seems to be turned on its head every other day, but thankfully there is plenty good that comes from our House of Representatives. The SECURE ACT encourages annuities. One of those good things is an act that benefits retirees and protects them after they've done their part in the working world. The SECURE Act, otherwise known as the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act, has just recently passed with a massive wave of support. In general, this bill gives retirees more access to workplace pensions and makes it, so they don't have to jump through hoops to get annuities they're deserved.

Back when 401(k) plans were introduced during the Revenue Act in 1978, it let employees invest and save for their future from their paychecks. Great, right? Well, yes but most retirees don't know exactly how much to save for the rest of their days. Will they live comfortably? Or will the money run out because of unexpected medical expenses or other things? The SECURE Act rights that wrong and even promotes the use of annuities by companies! This is fantastic news since it's not an easy or cheap thing to get an annuity.

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Keeping Cool in The Villages community During the Summer

villages florida hot summer

The Summer is already seeing triple digits on the thermometer, and the sweltering humidity makes it almost impossible to go outside. This is the reason many in The Villages® community choose to fly north for the Summer. But what if you are a full-time resident and want to make the best of it and beat the heat? Heat strokes are becoming increasingly more common this time of year, especially in Central Florida where the Sun never takes a break.

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