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Keeping Cool in The Villages community During the Summer

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The Summer is already seeing triple digits on the thermometer, and the sweltering humidity makes it almost impossible to go outside. This is the reason many in The Villages® community choose to fly north for the Summer. But what if you are a full-time resident and want to make the best of it and beat the heat? Heat strokes are becoming increasingly more common this time of year, especially in Central Florida where the Sun never takes a break.

The Villages® community is known for the never-ending list of fun things to do and people who have all the time in the world to do it. This area has incredible weather that is the absolute envy of the nation for about nine months out of the year. Those other months? You might as well be walking on the Sun! 

Here are a few tips to keeping cool in The Villages® community this Summer: 

  • Water, water, water! Drink it, swim in it, take frequent cool showers, and get a misting system or misting fan. 
  • Wear light clothes - Wear clothes that are loose fitting, light colored, and thin.
  • Try not to go out during midday - Midday can be brutal; find something to do indoors from 11am-2pm. 
  • Use “cool” gadgets to cool off - Many vendors on the square sell items like cool bands, personal misters fans, and even just a regular spray bottle to spritz your face. 
  • Wear wide brim hats, ball caps, and bring umbrellas- It is always cooler in the shade if you can’t find any shade, make your own! 
  • Wear sunscreen - you can get a sunburn from as little as 10-15 minutes in the Sun. So you are at risk just walking from your car to inside the store. Many moisturizers have at least SPF 15 to help prevent sunburn in these kinds of situations.
  • Walk your dog after sundown - Our dogs can get hot fast, so keep potty breaks to a minimum during the day, and prevent pad burns from the pavement by walking them after the Sun has set. Don't forget; they need lots of water too! 
  • Get early and late tee times - Golfing in the middle of a Summer day is no fun, try getting early morning and late afternoon tee times to prevent heat exhaustion. 

If you venture to the theme parks, go early at rope drop and leave early, or go late afternoon and leave at closing. Try to find rides that have lines inside with lots of misting fans. When walking from one attraction to next make sure your path includes lots of shade and passing through lots of air-conditioned gift shops. Catch all of the shows and inside dark rides, you can. Try not to be at the water parks too long, especially in midday! And don't forget SUNSCREEN!

The Villages® community is a great place to have a lot of fun, but in the Summer it is also fun to find indoor crafts to do, Netflix and chill, or just curl up with a good book. Have a cool Summer! 

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